MUST WATCH Video Of A Belligerent Drunk Kid From UCONN Going Ape Shit Over Some Mac-N-Cheese, Leading To His Arrest


[warning: this video is 9 minutes long and worth every single second]


Awwww, college. Gotta love shit like this. Happens all the time. Underage drinking, munchies, fights and cops showing up at the end of the night. The circle of life. But what a dickhead this kid was. Im SHOCKED that manager didn’t lay a single hand on that kid. I mean watching him get tore up by a 19 year-old kid was just brutal. Like it was funny, but it wasn’t. That guy has a family somewhere. Just embarrassing to watch.

But what was even more embarrassing was the moment when the head chef came out from the kitchen and put the kid in a perfectly executed full nelson, leading to the end of his night.


You never mess with a crazy cook. Never. Like this is pretty much every cook in the kitchen


Luckily that chef didn’t have a butchers knife in his apron or else things could of been a lot worse than a simple choke out…

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 8.44.07 AM


And of course the asshole had to get a nice spit to the face before getting hauled off to jail…


Jerk off.

[H/T KMarko]


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