Bills Mafia Bro Sneakily Doing A HUGE Line Of Coke During Halftime On Sunday



DEADSPINOkay, we’re calling it: Bills fans are officially the most bonkers fans in the NFL. As evidence, here’s a photo sent to us by a tipster at Sunday’s Giants-Bills game. Say, what’s that white powder in that guy’s dollar bill?

Other details from our tipster:

  • This went down at halftime.
  • The man with the powder was wearing a painted-on Tyrod Taylor jersey.
  • He and his lady friend proceeded to take turns snorting the powder in each other’s laps.


So that’s it. San Diego had a nice win on Sunday, but I’m now a Bills mafia guy. Sorry Rivers, it’s been a nice ride, but these Bills Mafia guys know how to do it right. If you look up the slogan: “hard in the paint”, you should probably see this Bills Mafia guy with loaded up gagger line of coke set up in his dollar bill. Plus that’s a painted on T-Mobile shirt painted on…Only thing missing is a picture of his lady friend….Either she’s a smoke, or she’s butt ugly and has 12 teeth.

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