Old Forge High School Bro With Baton Twirling Skills On A Hundred Trillion Billion




Listen, I’m not a baton twirling expert, but I know electricity when it hits me. That was E-LECTRIC. Don’t think think is was? Try going out into your backyard right now and twirl a baton around your neck. Try it. See how long you can do it for. If you can do it for more than 3 seconds (you can’t), add in some MJ spins and take it to the ground and back. IMPOSSIBLE. If this video doesn’t go viral and land Derek some kind of athletic scholarship, the internet has not don its job today.

PS- Whoever was in charge of the cd player at the beginning of the video needs to be fired ASAP. Like hit play already.

[ThanksĀ Ashlyn Mazzocchi for the video]

Posted on October 2, 2015, in LOCAL NEWS, Sports, VIDEOS. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. CDPlayerAnonymous

    PS: The music was on a junky, old CD player that wasn’t working and wouldn’t move to the next track. But thanks for the write up! He’s definitely a super star!

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