Gisele Bundchen Releasing A Book Featuring A Bunch Of Nude Photos For $700 Is An Absolute Steal!

DMThe 35-year-old Brazilian supermodel is releasing a book about herself, featuring 300 modelling photos – including some nudes – and selling it for a whopping $700 per copy.  To celebrate the 20th anniversary of her career, the German publishing company Taschen has put together the limited edition coffee table book, which is set to debut in November.  Only 1,000 copies of the 11 x 15.4 hard cover book will be released, and Gisele will personally autograph each individual copy.


$700 bucks for a book filled with sexy nude photos of Gisele? SOLD! Put me down for two of them bad boys! Some people are bitching about the price, but those people are either A.) poverty stricken or B.) gay. Gisele is honestly the most perfect woman on the planet and I’m honestly surprised they’re not selling this book for a million dollars. And you know what, they probably could of. So $700 bucks to see something as timeless as Gisele is honestly a steal.

PS- This is a newer photo. Will probably be in the book uncensored.


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