These Penn State Kids ALMOST Nailed It With Their Dorm Room Trampoline Video



Good idea. Cool concept. But missing a key factor into making a viral video and boosting your social life at school.

Ummm, you guys forgot to invite the smokeshows!!!

You mean to tell me these guys couldn’t take a stroll down College Ave and find 10-15 smokes to bounce around on that thing in some bikinis? Even if these guys aren’t in to chicks, at least they could have faked it for the rest of us watching. The difference of a video that gets 15 thousand views and a video that gets 150 thousand views is adding smokeshows. You HAVE to include smokeshows in the equation. That’s just internet 101. Like I can’t believe they missed a perfect opportunity to watch a bunch of hot chicks bounce their tits around on a dorm room trampoline. Such a Penn State move.


PS- Seriously, fellas. Wake the fuck up.





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