On to week 2.

So after watching a full week of NFL, it’s time to post the picks for week 2. Fade or play. The choice is yours. Hopefully we’ll all be doing the money dance all day long:


Lets start out with the early slate of games. Here’s my leans and the POD (Play Of The Day)

Vikings -2.5

Bills +1

Chicago +2

Cleveland +1.5

Chargers +2.5

Skins +3.5

ATL +2.5

The only favorite I like today at 1pm is The Vikings. They looked like shit on Monday night against the 9ers, but so did The Lions. I really like AP and Teddy Bridge to bounce back and have a day at home in a divisional rivalry.

Really like the Redskins at home. I watched their whole game last week against Miami. They beat them at every aspect in that game. Just didn’t finish drives with points. I expect them to do that today against The Rams.

Favorite play of the week is The Bills. Bills Mafia, bitch. Even when they stink they always have Tom Brady’s number at home. This year they’re fucking LEGIT. Like Super Bowl legit. So with that being said, THE BILLS are my POD. Put the house on it. Whatever you’re down or whatever you’re up, put it all on The Bills and sleep on it. Wake up a winner.

Fade em or play em.

PS- Blowout in Cleveland today. Double digit win for this guy.

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