Joe Snedeker Ran An Old Slow-Motion Clip Of Noreen Clark Jogging And Did A Pam Anderson Comparison


Gotta hand it to Snedeker. The guy brings the heat every time he’s on TV. And this right here was some laugh out loud A+ content. It was almost like he read my mind there. As soon as I saw that clip of Noreen, I instantly starting thinking about those titties bouncing from left to right. Not that I’m into Noreen or anything, but I am into tits, so I guess Noreen can hang. But as soon as I realized that Noreen’s tits were all up in my brain, Snedeker already had Pam Anderson on the screen side-by-side with Clarky doing the titty bounce. Fucking perfect. That’s why Joe Is the best, The guy is electric.

PS- Best part of the video this:

Joe: She’s got nothing on her!

Shaffer: Ummm, If you say so..

Joe: (Aggresively) Yeah, I DO say so.

….Literally spit my coffee out.

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