Hey Playboy, You’re Welcome…


A “Thank You” would be nice.



PlayboyLadies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Zoe Pugh. She isn’t an athlete or an actress or a singer, but everyone should be a fan of her regardless. When you’re this hot, you deserve all the attention there is. Zoe is a model, as she should be, and a student at Penn State. A brisk sift through her Instagram not only displays how gorgeous she is, but it also seems like she’s down to earth, clearly knows how to party, and is a flat-out cool chick. I want to split a bottle of JD with Zoe Pugh.


Remember when I said our girl Zoe was the next big thing? Remember when I said she was going to blow up? Oh, let me refresh your memory then…

-May 29th – “The Smoke Of The Week Blog That Started It All

-June 3rd – “Let me give you the inside scoop on this chick right here…She’s about to blow up.”

-June 11th – “I can’t stress it enough, this chick isn’t famous yet, but she will be.”

-July 15th – “Since becoming one of the hottest smokes of the week in BDP history, Zoë instantly started to tear up the internet. She went from having just over a thousand followers on the gram, to now having over ten thousand. That’s what we do over here. Ever since we put her on BDP, she’s done shoots with Tracie Lavis, John Kaminski and featured on I’m Shmacked, Total Frat Move and Your University. Shit like that makes us proud to say “We blogged her first”.


Can somebody give us some credit here? Maybe a quick shout out or a thank you? Without BDP, there’s no Zoë on Your University. There’s no Zoë on I’m Shmacked. There’s no Zoë on Bro Bible. And there’s certainly no Zoë Playboy. Can one of you motherfuckers give the little guy who started it all the Zoë hype in the first place some fucking love? Seriously.

And this is exactly why I tell our smokes to get on the blog. When I say “somebody might spot you on our website and want to feature you on their site too“, I’m not kidding. Sometimes you might just end up on Playboy. I mean what else can I say…We set trends over here at BDP. Weather you like it or not. This is what we do.

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  1. Just saw this. Thanks for the love BDP4Life!

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