Does This Look Like The Face Of A Bully Who Got Beat Up By Two Pro Boxers As A Punishment From His Father?


Annnnnnd the father of the year award goes to…


Fight State – This father believes tough love is the best medicine, forcing his son to spar a few rounds with a pro boxer. The kid definitely got a chance to feel what it’s like to be the one being bullied. Good parenting?



Love this dad. Fucking LOVE him! What do you do to teach your kid a lesson in being a punk-ass high school bully?  Send his ass to the gym and have him get beatdown by two professional boxers. TWO!! That’s what you fucking do! Forget taking away the kid’s X-Box, he can survive without playing GTAV for a week (that might be a lie) no problemo… Sometimes you have to fire some real shots and nip it right in the butt as soon as there’s a problem…It just so happens that sometimes those shots have to be sent to your kid’s skull by a professional boxer or two. He’ll remember that day the next time he tries to pick on somebody smaller than him. Can’t wait for all the nerds on the internet to call this one child abuse. Eat a dick.

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