The Mayweather-Pacquiao Nintendo Punch-Out Video Perfectly Predicted The “Fight Of The Century”



Perfect.  This video was made sometime before the fight and they clearly nailed it.  Manny had to wear Mayweather’s gloves,  fight in Vegas, hula-hoop trough all the testing and of course, not be in his prime.  The fight didn’t suck though like everyone is saying.  Everyone who was saying that Mayweather was “running” are obviously not boxing fans.  That’s called defense.  Actually, impeccable defense, which we all knew we were going to see. Manny throwing tons of punches and not landing a majority of them will tire you out real quick. Manny pretty much punched himself out of the fight. But while the fight was good for the sport of boxing in the long run, it certainly wasn’t worth the 100 bucks.  Was it good fight?  Yeah.  Would I watch it again?  Absolutely not.

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