The Ultimate Scranton Parade Day 2015 Video Just Hit The Net


Oh wait,  there’s a parade too?


So this gem of video just came out today.  Absolutely perfect.  Tons of smokes,  tons of booze and a whole lot of turning up. A+ video by Noble Productions

PS- CLICK if you missed our Parade Day blog featuring tons of parade day pics.


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  1. Yeah, let’s celebrate Irish heritage by being degenerate as fuck…

  2. this is disgusting

  3. Calgach and Natalie, as a UofS alumni, I respectfully request you suck a fart out of my ass with your comments

  4. Typical scranton trash..

  5. This video is so disappointing and not what our Parade is about. The Parade Association works very hard to provide a quality Parade to celebrate our heritage. The video has nothing to do with our Parade and does not reflect Parade Day in Scranton. – Dave Clark, Executive Director,St. Patrick’s Parade Association of Lackawanna County

  6. i went to the UofS too and I swear one time a video hit like this and kids got busted for drinking underage and other shit. Wonder if this will get looked over by the U and there will be any repercussions.

  7. Thomas Flaherty

    This actually makes me really angry. No one wants to listen to all that crappy aas rap on St. Patricks day. Where’s all the Irish jams and Irish heritage!

  8. Reblogged this on P. Casey Telesk and commented:
    Awful humans.

  9. scrantonalumni

    yes so sickening, college kids having a great time. OH NO, I went to DA U and yeah we partied just like every other college parties. Parade day is tradition. Also, nobody goes into downtown Scranton to actually see the parade and we do not pair the two together. We stay in the hills off campus. Stop letting things like this “make you really angry” and concentrate on some of your own issues.

  10. Epic party.

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