Bunch Of Little Kids DESTROYING Some Led Zeppelin On The Xylophones And Marimbas


Like if I was an elementary school teacher, I’d have kid’s getting the Led out at least once a week. Great stuff here.


Awesome.  Everything was on point. EVERYTHING.  Didn’t miss a beat.  And it’s pretty impressive being that they are all like 7-12 years old and they are familiar with some Led Zeppelin.  Shout out to the teacher(s) who introduced them to Zeppelin in the first place.  Being that it’s 2015,  there’s a good chance some of these kids’ parents sadly probably don’t know who Zeppelin is either.  So it’s a wonderful thing for these kids to be influenced by some real life classic rock and roll, which is a feel good story in itself. Grade-A video for all those reasons.

PS- Jimmy Page even shared it on his facebook page.  Doesn’t get any better than that.


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