Coffee And A Smoke with, Chiara


Nothing like waking up with a smoke on a Tuessday.

Back in August, we did a “guess this ass” blog, and we went with Chiara, to surprise our readers with some local smoke.  Now “technically”,  it wasn’t a “smoke of the week” blog,  but it might as well of been.  She sneakily got 500 views so the odds are…You probably remember Chiara,   I mean how could you not though?  She straight fire.  And If you didn’t see that blog,  you could catch up with the rest of us,  and check it out here,

Now this blog right here,  this blog is the first of many new special early morning blogs on BDP.  This one is going to be called “Smoke And A Coffee”,  a daily blog where we keep in touch with our former smokes while you have your coffee.  Just something to make waking up for school or work a little better.

So I guess that’s it.  Welcome to the first ever Smoke and A Coffee…

(Play The Video Below To Enhance The Blog Experience)






10676295_346354458861276_1322951493417471530_n 10703798_360874094075979_8330114924522698687_n  10389691_368798376616884_1015688263029227845_n





Modeling photos shot by the amazing Lynsey Noel. She also is the face of The Girls Of NEPA. We’ll be doing some fun things Lynsey and her team of smokeshows which I’ll be telling you about very, very soon.    Like in a blog.  Today,  at 5pm.

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