Abigail Ratchford Has Her Own Little “50 Shades Of Grey” Video That Is Bound To Break Instagram Today


If blogging Abigail Ratchford is wrong I don’t wanna be right.









How about that shit show to brighten up everyone’s Monday?  I bet getting up at 6 am feels a whole lot better now after watching that, right?  Watching that first video was one hell of a 15 second ride.   After watching all three,  you’re either sitting there looking like you just got out of the sauna or you’re sitting there looking like this:

Now here’s the thing about Abi Ratch.  The key to success is all about progressions.  Weather we’re talking about sports,  being a cook or being an Instagram model.  You have to progress.  Abi since day one had done nothing but progress.  Nobody has blown up in such a short time.  Why,  you ask?


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