[NEWS] The Chick Who Does The Hilarious Eating Videos Interviewed Obama Today And It Wasn’t Terrible


Now remember,  this is the SAME chick who rolled around in a milk- filled bathtub and ate fruit loops from it.

ABC News– Scoring a presidential interview is a distinction coveted by White House journalists, anchors and network bookers alike, but today the honor is being given to three diverse, wacky YouTubecreators — Bethany Mota, GloZell Green and Hank Green. Their expertise ranges from putting together “comfy and cute outfits” to completing zany challenges like inhaling massive amounts of cinnamon spice and eating cereal out of a bathtub (while still in it). It’s the kind of stuff you honestly can’t make up. And today, they will get to direct questions from their followers to the president of the United States. If their online postings are any indication, this should be a wild ride. Take a look.

Now keep this in mind,  this is the same person who does shit like this-

Got it?   Good.  OK,  we’re on to the Obama interview.

This one is for all the haters.  The ones who says you can’t make it in life  Anyone who says that needs to take this blog and bookmark it,  because you can go from a person who eats cereal out of a bathtub one day,  and the next day ,  you can can be interviewing Obama on the internet.  Stick with whatever you do.  Anything is possible these days, don;t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

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