[LOCAL NEWS] Tyrone Almost Had To Waste A Year Of His Life Behind Bars For His FHRITP Antics On WNEP


Even his $300 dollar fine blows my mind.

SCRANTON — An 18-year-old man who grabbed a Pennsylvania television reporter’s arm and yelled obscenities during a live broadcast has pleaded guilty to harassment. Police say former Lackawanna College student Tyrone Parker ran up to WNEP’s Stacy Lange during the November news report and yelled a profane phrase that’s been used periodically by people ambushing television reporters over the past year. Unflustered, Lange continued with her report about Scranton’s budget. Parker, of Pottstown, must pay a $300 fine plus $163 in fees after pleading guilty Wednesday. He could have faced jail time under an original charge of lying to police. Lange says Parker has called her to apologize.

The fact that this kid had to pay close to $500 in fines and court costs for saying a few curse words is baffling enough,  but throw in the fact that he was facing a year in prison for grabbing a reporters microphone is fucking outrageous.  Maybe if he tackled Stacy Lange,  dry-humped her and shouted into the mic “I’m fucking her right in the pussy” I’d be O.K with the circumstances.  But there’s no way in hell this kid should of been facing a sentencing like that.  Scranton just continuing to do Scranton things.  Keep doing  you, Scranton.

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