FREE ADVISE: Drop Everything And Add PSU Smokes To Your Snapchat Right Now


Got the tip today from my boy Ryan from PSU last night.  Best tip I’ve received in the past 6 months.

UPDATE:   They took the account down.  Fuck.

Here’s a quick example of what to expect when you sign up to @psusmokes on Snapchat…

ANNNNNNNNNNND that’s just a smaaaall sample of what to expect when you add @psusmokes

So much for only going to Penn State on the weekends  now that there’s a dirty @psusmokes feed on Snapchat.  Now it’s pretty much like living on campus 24/7.     And that’s a huge win for a guy who is a 26 year old blogger from Old Forge.    As long as I have my phone and my @psusmokes Snapchat feed, it’s like I never even left Happy Valley in the first place.  Consider this an early Christmas present.

Oh yeah, this is an early Christmas present too…

^ Is that even a question?  Add me @xgrazx ^

PS-  And in case you missed the blog this morning about Penn State sending their automated season ticket update letter to Sandusky,  you can check that out HERE.

Thanks for the tip Ryan.

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