[LOCAL NEWS] Bro In Scranton Hits WNEP With The #FHRITP


Take a look at Stacy Lange’s face.  That’s the face of a reporter who’s about to get the “fuck her right in the pussy” on live tv.

Ok, so this guy is like 6 months too late.  But I don’t care.  I’ve seen a million FHRIP videos, but this is the first one that hit a local news station in NEPA.  Kim K’s nudes were cool,  but that was so 24 hours ago.  It’s all abot Stacy Lange getting the “FHRITP” treatment.  Right in front of the court house.   AWESOME.

PS-  Did Stacy Lange throw an elbow at that bro?   Don’t hurt nobody, Stacy!  Stay Calm!

 Props Get Rekt

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  1. This is why living among nigs is a bad idea. Poor woman.

    • Don’t you just love people who throw racial slurs around on the internet that hide behind the veil of anonymity? I know I do. Your inbred, hillbilly family must love you, Calgach.

      • wow thats mean to say!! i am white and i would of did the same thing haha I will fuck you right in the pussy you fucking rasist!!!!

      • The idiot said a disparaging term and your first response is to say another? Try thinking things through before you go through with them

    • Calgach i will fuck you right in the pussy!!!! you racist fuck!!! i am white and i would of said the same thing. doesnt matter what skin color you are. thats funny!! You pussy

    • You do know the guy who STARTED “Fuck her right in the pussy” is a white dude, right? With quite a deep southern accent?


  3. foshizelmynizzel

    What a neighbor

  4. FHRITP- Fool Has Really Interested The Police

  5. #Calgach……..I hope you have a daughter or woman close to you that falls in love with a black man!

  6. this is why 1 in 4 blacks go to prison.

  7. Disrespectful, think it proves we are a shitty city

  8. this is great

  9. Well, it didn’t take long for this scholar to be caught by police. You would believe this would be a lesson, if you’re going to commit a crime, DONT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO A RECORDING CAMERA! Fucking dipshit!

    • And what crime did he commit exactly? Im curious how you will try to justify your accusation? Think before you speak.

  10. This has nothing to with race because if you must know a white guy is the one that started this “Fuck her right in the pussy thing”. So do your research before you start judging and throwing out your racial slurs.Go to youtube or google.#StopRacism

  11. What makes this man a local hero? Why is sticking your head where it doesn’t belong a heroic act ? Acting like an adult would be a good thing.

  12. Janet, this trend was initially started by a white man. This has absolutely nothing to do with race. Many people from all different countries have been doing this to news broadcasters. Stop being naive and culture yourself it’s 2014 get with it.

    Apparently people do this for fun and a good laugh. Stacy tried to control the situation, so good for her.

  13. Mike you must love the black €0€k..I would love to bring you back to jersey city and see you cry

  14. Adam if you have a daughter she gets gang banged by a bunch of mools and if you don’t I hope you do you liberal j3w

  15. Burn the nig

  16. Would HAVE, people. Not would of. Don’t insult others unless you can do it properly 😉

  17. Here is the ORIGINAL FHRITP- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zVyzhhEMd0
    Racist assholes, figure your shit out.

  18. That’s one funny nigger. Lololol

  19. Kukamunga kracca killa

  20. Its fucked up that this went from a prank to everyone being racists

  21. my brother know him he go to my brother old school

  22. I think the saying is disgusting, and it doesn’t matter who started it. It just brought back memories I experienced in school when I was grabbed by someone. I know now that he was most likely raised around perverted, sick people. Now we are adding race, grow up and face your consequences. Its humiliating as a young girl and its just as disturbing to hear and see!

  23. It is wrong for him to say that but I have to admit. I laughed my ass off. It is very inappropriate but people need to stop being so sensitive and turning everything into a race thing. Many other people have said it but the black man says it and he’s a nigger. People who are racist are niggardly look up the word.


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