[NCAAF] Poor Jameis. Everyone Is Freaking Out Over His Alleged “Point Shaving” Against Louisville Due To A Phony Article From A Phony Blog

Listen, I dumped a ton of $ on Louisville last week.  Nobody wants this to be true more than me.  But c’mon, do your research before posting fake articles from notorious fake sports betting blogs.  Story after the jump.



Damn.  Jameis just can’t catch a break.  It’s hard enough battling real life rape charges, now he has to battle fake gambling allegations?  Let the kid play already.  Now if this story was true, BDP wold be the first website to blog it.  I lost a ton because of his comeback in the second half.  Not only did Florida State come back and win, they covered the spread AND I had it teased up to +10.  Florida State won by 11.  So if this was true, I’d love to sit here and bash Jameis over the alleged point shaving.   But as much as I want too,  I can’t.  The article is fake.  The allegations are fake and IBN is notorious for posting fake articles.  What are they all about?  They’re all about getting the public all riled-up to the point where they outrage on social media so their website can get a ton of cheap page-views.  Those kind of blogs are the absolute worst.  And the people who share them on social media piss me off too.  Like there’s thousands of awesome stories we blog on BDP that you could be sharing that are “REAL” and awesome,  but people choose to share fake shit all the time.  Really chaps my ass.

I mean c’mon, look at the guy’s name who “broke the story.”



Incarcerated Bob”  one hell of reliable source!

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