[CELEB-BUZZ] Eminem Is Finally Aging, So Let’s Bring Out The “Drugs Ruined Eminem’s Looks” Headlines!


Sure, lets match up a picture of 42 year-old Marshall Mathers next to a picture of Marshall 20 years ago!   DRUGS I TELL YA!  DRUGS!! LOTS AND LOTS OF DRUGS!!!



Give me a fucking break.  Eminem is 42 years-old.  Of course he’s going to start growing wrinkles here and there,  he’s fucking 40!  Not to mention that’s a High-Resolution camera that took that photo of Em.  Sure, we all know about Em’s past with pills,  but did I mention he’s FORTY-TWO YEARS OLD!!  Holy fuck.  Websites will do anything for page views.

MAIL ONLINE REPORTER: “Hey guys,  Eminem is back in the news again because he’s releasing a new double disk album soon.  He’s just accepted an award at the 2014 Innovator Awards.  He had two wrinkles.  I think we should write a story about how drugs ruined his face. Brilliant!”


Here’s some of Em’s newest stuff…

Shady XV coming November 24th.  Pre-Order HERE.

“The Cxvpher” Coming Tomorrow.


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