[VIDEO] Chick Walks 10 Miles Around NYC And Makes A Recap Video Of Herself Getting “Harassed” By Men


She’s claiming “harassment”.  I’m claiming “compliments”.

A couple “God bless yous” and some “DAMNS!” and this bitch is claiming harassment?  Nobody ever says “God bless you” to me when I walk the streets of downtown Scranton, and certainly no chick has ever looked at me in the eye and said DAMN!   My day/night would totally be turned around if that ever happened.  I mean minus the creepy guy following her around for like 5 minutes,  I just don’t think anyone really crossed the line.  A couple homeless guys being homeless and few dudes getting excited to see a beautiful woman.  Instead of making a video recap video of all the “harassment”,  why don’t you just own your beauty.  I mean seriously,  I’d love to spend a day walking in her shoes.  No one ever said I looked like a thousand dollar bill before.  I’d fucking melt right then and there if a chick on the streets told me I looked like a thousand bucks.  So jealous of this chick right now.

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