[BOXING] Shannon Briggs Stalks Vladimir Klitschko While Paddle-Boating And Knocks His Ass Into The Water


Not a whole lot of excitement on the internet today, but this gem just might make up for it.

YouTube – Oct 8, 2014 The latest chapter in the Briggs-Klitschko saga took place today. Former heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs brought his pursuit of Wladimir Klitschko to the waters off Hollywood, Florida. Klitschko was on a standing paddle board out on the sound between the mainland and the barrier island when Briggs turned up inside a motorboat. Briggs taunted the champ and when Klitschko paddled away, Briggs had the boat circle Wlad creating a wave that knocked Wladimir into the water. The normally reserved Klitschko was quite upset.

Not sure if this is scripted or not.  Don’t really care if it is,  it’s awesome.  Didn’t really care too much about this fight until this video emerged.  Just Vlad out on the ocean probably just trying to relax and do some paddle-boating and then big bad Briggs shows up to ruin Vlad’s day.  Probably the best piece of stalking/trolling I’ve ever seen.


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