[CELEB-BUZZ] Someone Threw Shade On Abi Ratchford Today On Our Facebook Page, But She Quickly Murdered That Hater In Abi Ratch Fashion



So I Post a super sexy picture of Abigail Ratchford out of the good of my heart for the BDP Strong, and this Damon Musso guy gets juuuuuuust a little to internet tough with the wrong internet queen.  Abi’s in the Twitter clouds, in the Facebook community and hopefully not sitting at your front door with an internet shotgun waiting to blow your hairline the fuck back.  Thug Life motherfucker!  You learned the hard way today Mr. Musso!!   Pretty much a “Suck it”,   Sincerely,    Abigail Fucking Ratchford.

Make sure you like the BDP Facebook page to see shit like this.  So awesome.

PS – And in case I didn’t get the point across,  I dare another smoke to take a hotter tanning bed selfie.    Hashtag it #IcanSelfieLikeAbi and we’ll blog it tonight!


Go ahead.  Your turn!


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