These 2 Viral Photos Of The People Of Scranton Just Might Make You Laugh Today…Or Puke.



Hey biker guy, get your hands off my lady…


Hey guy, those pants painted on?  Or you just not wearing any?


She’s really not that bad from the waist down. Seriously. Kind of makes me wonder if this pic is real or not.  Her feet are kind of dirty, so it’s most likely real.  Which brings me back to my opening statement…She’s really not that bad from the waist down, right though?

Time to vote….  Does homeboy with the painted on pants take the cake?  Or does the hottie with the fumpa bring the heat?  You decide.

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  1. Let me just say, that who ever found this funny to make fun of these people, get a life, seriously this had to be a teenager or maybe even an adult wit no life, grow up, this ain’t funny this is sad

  2. iwillnevertell

    Haha I know that lady….. She’s somethin else always lookin like that too….. Trailer park trash and biggest dirt bag I ever met in my life! She has a son and is now pregnant I feel bad for those kids

  3. you “i will never tell” have no idea….this lady has mental problems that u could never understand…..i’ve known her my whole life and her house was always clean and her son is takin care of….get a friggin life….she is a beautiful person and i’m happy she’s having another baby….
    she has alot of support and love so ur two cents is of no importance

  4. What the person above forgot to mention is she lost custody of her son and he’s a felon in training and now she’s having another one god help us all

  5. iwillnevertell

    Her son is a rotten kid. A no good thief with a horrible attitude …. Did I mention he hasn’t even been to school in weeks? Product of his environment I guess……

  6. iwillnevertell

    Apparently my 2 cents is important enough for you acknowledge it too. Her house is disgusting by the way so you must not have been there recently. She’s so sweet but yet she’s constantly starting drama and arguments…… I’m confused. You might have known her for a long time but I know her now.

  7. oneofscrantonseducatedbeings

    We understand she has problems but they arent that severe that she dont know to wear pants in public she can be a nice person but can be very ignorant and rude she lost her son due to what?? if its bc she cant care for herself or her son i highly doubt she is going to be able to care for this one. As for her son, hes a very ignorant child and i dont want to hear “its because he has problems” because i know a lot of people with issues/problems and dont behave as terrible as he does. Hes just another future convict just what we need.

  8. oneofscrantonseducatedbeings

    Oh and if her problems ARE that severe maybe she should be under the care of someone or in an institute. Hopefully the police got her bc that is not something myself nor anyone else would want to witness. Hell there are children downtown as well

  9. Sad part is she has shorts on she just forgot she’s not 120 pounds anymore. She is a sweet girl for the most part but LOVES drama. Her son seriously is a heathen

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