[EXCLUSIVE] Say Hello To Lauren Lewis, BDP’s First Ever “SMOKE OF THE WEEK”


Two things I’m really digging right now…Pool tables, blonde hair and boobs. Boobs making it three.

Continue Reading and say hello to Lauren from Scranton.

Say Hello To Lauren, From Scranton. BDP’s first ever “SMOKE OF THE WEEK”. 


If your going to do something, you do it right. You set the bar high. That’s why BDP’s first ever smoke of the week is our girl Lauren Lewis. Perfect fit for a “smoke”, right? She’s pretty much the definition of the cats meow. Has it all…Beautiful face, great hair, nice set of teeth and great ass.  Yeah I said it, a great ass. Pretty much everything you look for when hiring a bartender too, right?  So Lauren obviously tends bar. You can find her doing her thing at Kildare’s in Scranton. Not a huge fan of Kildare’s, but if our girl is there trying to get us drunk, then so are we. She’s also giving this whole modeling thing a try too…She’s really good at it. Like really good. A+ for days. Check out her pics and rate her when you’re done.


Hey Lauren, you’re friends are pretty hot too.


For real, you’re friends are really hot.

Don’t really care for these guys too much…

Those tan lines had to be something to see in person.

And who could ever forget? The time when we tricked everyone into thinking this was a nip-slip…


It wasn’t


 Sorry boo.

Time to rate Lauren from The U.  Scale of 1-5 ( 5=hottest )

Check back every Thursday for a new Smoke Of The Week!

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