[NCAAF] Here’s Photos Of Jameis Winston’s Alleged Accuser


BSO – According to Terez Owens this is Jameis Winston alleged accuser Erica Kinsman (on the left). According to Owens’ sources she is the woman who accused Winston of rape. Winston won’t be charged after it was found there were two DNA profile found on her panties and conflicting statements about the night she was allegedly raped.

So there she it…The chick who said Jameis Winston raped the shit out her. She’s also the chick who seemed “more than willing” to perform, as she was recently was called out for giving J-Win a blow job in front two of his homeboys, while completely sober.

This is truly a story of redemption and proof that chicks will always remain thirsty, and will do absolutely anything for that green paper. It just shows you how the modern day female brain works sometimes. “Oh he’s the QB? Potential millionaire? I’ll fuck him. Then maybe I can sue him afterwards and tell the world that he raped me.” Well, that one really backfired. You got your back blown off and you made zero dollars in profit. You’re just a slut. Learn life, Hoe.

Hit the button below to see more pics.


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