[#Justice4Frankie] And Now For The MugShots


TSTNeil Pal, 23, of 1419 Linden St., and Jason Dominick, 23, of 3312 Olyphant Ave, were arrested within the last few hours, Mr. Jarbola said. Mr. Bonacci died from a single gunshot wound to the back of his head, Mr. Jarbola said. He went missing on July 20. His disappearance sparked an intense search that ended July 27, when his silver 2006 Jeep Liberty was found on a ravine overlooking Roaring Brook. Both were charged with criminal homicide, criminal attempt of criminal homicide and being an accomplice to criminal homicide following their arraignments this morning before Magisterial District Judge Alyce Hailstone Farrell at Scranton Police Headquarters. They are held in Lackawanna County Prison without bail.



Just a few shocking images for you to think about…



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  1. What he did on facebook is unreal I feel like it is all just a game to him like he was mocking frankie and his family he went to the veiwing and played the roke of a grieving friend and had the audacity to stand there with frankies family. And how dare he mention kawon if kawon was here he would be heart broken and im happy hes not here to see the monster that his so called best friend/brother has become

  2. fuckin scumbag your a murderer

  3. These two have always been scum. Neil Pal is nothing more than a degenerate wanna be carrier criminal. Its sad it took this to get him off the street he should have been removed from society a long time ago. I hope they get death. I’d hate to think my tax dollars were being used to keep these godless punks alive. Now lets round up the rest of their little “gang” before someone else gets hurt. R.I.P. Frankie.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Neil has always been piece of shit who watched way too many movies. What has always been more unbelievable to me was all the little followers he had. Kid was like the Charles Manson of Scranton. Bet they feel pretty stupid for getting “La Familia” tattoos right about now.

  4. la familia meets tony soprano

    Thanks for posting my first comment. You now have same respect as the corrupt Scranton times. Bull shit website.

  5. I think its real sad such a young man taken son soon I hope they fry for what they did R I P frankie closure for the family but they cant fix what they did my prayers to his family ugh discusted

  6. Not only did the entire community loose Frankie. Now 3 mothers have lost there sons for no reason at all. As franks mom will never know the truth as to why her son was killed because they will only tell what there lawyers tell them to say. There are 2 moms who will never understand how there sons could have taken another mans life. My heart breaks at this senseless crime. As a mother myself I hope that these 3 woman will find the strength to make it threw this ordeal and that justice will be served. God bless this community

  7. Tough guys… 1 is dead and the other 2 doucebags might just as well be. Tough guys my balls. You reap what you sew.

  8. what’s with this mob shit? this isn’t the movie “gangster squad”. if you have a disagreement with someone you be a MAN about it. Not a pussy that hides behind a gun. the lack of respect for human life is DISGUSTING. everybody should get their heads out of their asses. welcome to the real world, you pay for your sins.

  9. jason dominicks grandfather is also a murderer. he shot his girlfriend in her head after she left work at the viewmont mall!!

  10. Frankie's Voice

    Neil Pal is a spineless wannabee gangster whose father KP, also a scumbag who sells bathsalts to kids, enabled him his whole life. Nice parenting KP and Praveen. I hope your monster son gets gang raped in prison. You’ll be smoking a new kind of cigar upstate.

  11. Should probably check out the affidavit before defending people… http://www.wilknewsradio.com/image/wilk2/UserFiles/File/20130802110128504%281%29.pdf

  12. Banjo playing Time

    “I heard we run Scranton” – Neil Pal
    Well I heard you are running from BUBBA right now. Thank god you two have purty mouths!

  13. I was at a bar and I kno this might be hear say but I heard Neil pal was the one who sold the tainted heroine too Kwon Shell, thank god he’s locked up , I also heard he’s a loan shark for his so called crew, I like on the news Jason D said he has nothing to do with the murder when he was taken in , 2 scum bags finally off the streets, RIP frankie

  14. Frankie was involved in alcoholics anomous. I believe the motive might have been because in alcoholic anonymous you present you stories and past in front of a large audience. The youngsters who are accused might of believed he was “snitching” on something larger. Just a thought. But still there was no never a need for violence

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