[NCAAF] Jameis Winston Being Suspended For The First Half Of The Clemson Game For Saying Curse Words Is The Most Ridiculous Thing I’ve Ever Heard


We’re suspending a 20 year-old kid for saying “fuck her right in the pussy”?

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[CELEB-BUZZ] Beyonce Fans Are Pissed That She’s Photoshopping Her Social Media Pics


Beyonce is a fraud!

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[VIDEO] Not Sure What’s More Bizarre…The Whole Christian MMA Thing or Two Fighters Both Getting K.O’d With Kicks To The Nuts


If you can get past the whole “I’m fighting  to spread the word of God” thing, there was a pretty cool double nutsack K.O that you’ve never seen before.

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[NEWS] Does This Look Like The Face Of Pizza Shop Employee Who Rubbed His Nuts All Over A Pizza Pie Because A Customer Ordered It Right Before Close?

Police: Georgetown pizza worker placed genitals on pie

Rubbing your nuts on a pizza isn’t right, but neither is calling in an order right before closing time.

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Not Really Sure What To Think About This Nutsack Backpack


On one hand it’s really really aggressive, but on the other side, you have a fucking nutsack on your back, bro.

[CELEB-BUZZ] Whoever Says Abi Ratch Is Just Another Pretty Face With Big Boobs, Hasn’t Seen The Booty Yet


Total package.

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[HOT NEW MUSIC] Rick Ross – Elvis Presley BLVD (Ft Project Pat)

rick ross elvis presley blvd mp3 download

“Hood Billionaire” is on the way.  And this track is fire hot. Can’t wait to ride to this one.

[NSFW] Ta-Ta-Tuesday


The gift that keeps on giving.

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[VIDEO] Kanye West Puts Concert On Hold Until The Last Two Fans In the Arena Stand Up…Oops, One Fan Has A Prosthetic Leg And The Other Fan Was In A Wheelchair



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[CELEB-BUZZ] I Can’t With Miley Cyrus Twerking On Stage With A Big Fake Booty



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[VIDEO] Miss Nebraska Coming In Hot Spreading Her Legs For The Whole World To See!


Be more comfortable on stage, Miss Nebraska, you can’t.

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[VIDEO] Black Dude Taking A Video Selfie Of LSU Bros Beating The Shit Out Of Each Other Is Liquid Gold


White people, bro.

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