Thursday Night BDP Bookie Beatdown


Last week’s picks went 3-1.  Just saying.

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[MUSIC NEWS] Tyga Says He Doesn’t Like Lablemates Nicki Minaj & Drake. Says Drake Is Fake.


Tyga claims Drake is fake?   Oh, You don’t say!

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[VIDEO] Baby Bear Just Taking A Casual Stroll Through The Local Rite-Aid And I Seriously Can’t Even


Baby bears.  Just so fucking cute.

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[NEW MUSIC] Taylor Swift – New York


Two back 2 back chick blogs in a row today on BDP.  What the fuck is going on today?  O well,  on to the music.  Cue the new Taylor Swift song..

[VIDEO] Little Beauty Queens Drop F-Bombs For Feminism


How about these fucking little bitches?

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[GOLF] This Is The Only Time You’ll Be Really Pissed Off About An Eagle On The Putting Green


Shitty Eagle.

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[NEW MUSIC] Meek Mill Ft Lil Boosie – Fuck You Mean?


Good News:  We get some new Meek Mill .    Bad News:  He’s still doing time in the pen.

[VIDEO] Quick 30 Second LOL Video Of A Dog Trying To Take A Smoke’s Bikini-Top Off


Really like this dog.

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[NEW MUSIC] DJ WOOGIE Just Dropped The Hottest/Scariest Halloween Trap Joint Ever Constructed


Can’t wait to bump this one in the car when the lights go out tonight.  Scariest shit I’ve ever heard.

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[VIDEO] FSU’s Marching Band Covered Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” And It Was Spectacular


So this was going on at haltime Saturday night.

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[VIDEO] If You Slap Someone In The Face With A Pizza, Be Prepared To Get Knocked The Fuck Out


It’s all fun and games until you’re bleeding out of your face, kid.

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[NEW MUSIC] The Weeknd – King Of The Fall (REMIX) FT Ty Dolla $ign & Belly

The Weeknd continues to throw around the new remixes, this time enlisting the help of Ty Dolla $ign & Belly for the official “King Of The Fall” remix.


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