[NBA] Nike And Lebron’s New Commercial With The Entire City Of Cleveland On His Back


Bron Bron is pretty much like the Martin Luther King of Cleveland right now.    Or Hitler,  if you hate him.

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[VIDEO] Bro Straps A GoPro To A Lions Back So We Can Watch It Stalk And Kill A Buck


Kind of felt bad for the buck,  it never had a chance.  Fucking nature, man.

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[VIDEO] 10 Hours Of Walking NYC As A Man


Chicks man.  Getting their panties in a wad over some compliments.   This is a hilarious response.

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[VIDEO] If You Saw Wiz Khalifa This Summer, You Need To Watch His Season Finale UTIOM Episode


If you saw with this summer during his Under The Influence Of Music Tour,  then this video is Goose-bump City.

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[CELEB-BUZZ] Lindsay Lohan Goes #TitsOut4TheGuys In Playboy For Her Marilyn Monroe Portrait (NSFW)


No need for celebrity leaked cell phone pics,  NUDES after the jump!

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[NEWS] Fireball Fires Back To Criticism About About Their Booze Being Recalled


“Dear Fireball Nation,  We’re here to set the record straight. Fireball is safe to drink. Period. The end.”

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[NEW MUSIC] Lil Wayne – Gotti (Ft The LOX)

Good News:  New Lil Wayne song.  Bad News:  His Carter V album that was supposed to drop yesterday, didn’t.

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[VIDEO] I Plan On Doing Nothing But Watching Abi Ratch Bounce Her Massive Boobs Around All Day


Seriously,  I’m not even going to work today.  Just gonna blog and watch this video over and over until I pass out.

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[VIDEO] Chick Walks 10 Miles Around NYC And Makes A Recap Video Of Herself Getting “Harassed” By Men


She’s claiming “harassment”.  I’m claiming “compliments”.

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[VIDEO] Little Girls Wakes Up From Nap And Starts Jamming To Ed Sheeran With ZERO Hesitation


love a chick who loves to do a little head-banging from time to time.

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[NBA] The Lakers Season Opener Couldn’t Have Gone Any Better: Julias Randle Breaks Leg + Kobe Calls Dwight A “Bitch Ass Ni**a”


Rough start for Lakers fans.

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[VIDEO] This Dog That Fetches Beer Can Play For Me Anyday


This is what a first round draft pick looks like.

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